author={Mark Storey},
  journal={Time and Antiquity in American Empire},
  • M. Storey
  • Published 9 March 2020
  • History
  • Time and Antiquity in American Empire
This chapter is the first of two “foundations” that form the second part of the book. Starting with an analysis of the analogies drawn between Donald Trump and Roman emperors across the mediascape of 2016, it introduces the temporal and political relationship between the Roman and American republics, via the work of Hannah Arendt and Ian Baucom. It then moves backwards through American history, from the twenty-first to the eighteenth centuries, bringing in a wide range of American writers… 

Small and Large Cultures: Individuality, the Collective, Conformity and the Period of the Cold War

Author(s): Hart, Jonathan Locke | Abstract: The Cold War is something I analyze in two parts. First, I examine its politics, including political literatures and cultures large and small that

Some Remarks on the First Book of Aristotle’s Politics

This article is devoted to a sequential analysis of the first book of Aristotle’s Politics. It suggests an interpretation of the classical problem of natural hierarchy of men as it described in the

A Voice Crying in the Wilderness?

  • J. Hall
  • History
    Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews
  • 2018
Philip Gorski is a very considerable figure, clearly a leading light in contemporary social science. His first book, The Disciplinary Revolution (2003), is a masterpiece, definitively expanding

Plato in the belly of the beast: force-feeding servitude in the Republic

ABSTRACT How important are animals to democracy? In this paper, I reconsider the role and the place of nonhuman animals in the constitution of democratic community by way of a return to Plato’s

The Birth of a Nation: Media and Racial Hate

This paper documents the shortand long-run impacts of popular media on racial hate. I do so in the context of the first American blockbuster: the 1915 film “The Birth of a Nation,” a racist retelling

The Personal is Political: Gendered Morality in Indonesia's Halal Consumerism

  • Inaya Rakhmani
  • Sociology
    TRaNS: Trans -Regional and -National Studies of Southeast Asia
  • 2019
Abstract Recent scholarship on the shift to the right in Asian democracies has predominantly been focused on political organisations, leaving social movements outside of them largely understudied.

The truth in a bubble the end of ‘audience democracy’ and the rise of ‘bubble democracy’.

This article sustains that the so-called ‘post-truth’ phenomenon also depends on the characteristics of the new ‘hybrid’ communicative scenario. The thesis is that this new scenario is substantially

“Stop Giving Us the Negatives of the Other Side’s Aims”: The EU Referendum Through Letters to the Editor

ABSTRACT The referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU gave citizens the final say on one of the most controversial political issues in modern Britain, crossing social classes, traditional

Structure, agency and transatlantic relations in the Trump era

  • J. Peterson
  • Political Science
    Transatlantic Relations in Times of Uncertainty
  • 2018
ABSTRACT No question encountered in the social sciences can be answered without appeal to some notion of the relative importance of structure versus agency. International relations (IR) appears to be

Stoic Conservatism

What might a Stoic approach to politics look like? David Goodhart aptly describes the political divide pervading Western societies in terms of the ‘somewheres,’ who are communitarian, rooted in