RepubliC of KoRea


Marinate pieces fo r 3 hours on’t orcook! NPAFC Annual Report 2006 is now available on CD-ROM format. NPAFC Techinical Report No. 7, the proceedings of the Second NPAFC International Workshop on “Factors Affecting Production of Juvenile Salmon: Survival Strategy of Asian and North American Juvenile Salmon in the Ocean” held in Sapporo, Japan, April 26-27, 2006, is also available at the Secretariat or on our website (http:// It consists of 49 extended abstracts of oral and poster presentations at the Workshop. Publications

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@inproceedings{Beaupr2005RepubliCOK, title={RepubliC of KoRea}, author={Guy Beaupr{\'e} and Gerry Kristianson and Koji Imamura and Daishiro Nagahata and Chiguk Ahn and Jae Hak Son and Mikhail Glubokovsky and Sergey Maksimov and James Balsiger and uPcoming EvEnts}, year={2005} }