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Reptile diversity of southern Morocco: range extensions and the role of the Djebel Ouarkziz as a biogeographical barrier

  title={Reptile diversity of southern Morocco: range extensions and the role of the Djebel Ouarkziz as a biogeographical barrier},
  author={Daniel Kane and S. Mark Goodwin and Gerrit Verspui and Anniek Tump and Gabriel Mar{\'i}n},
The present work provides new records, including range extensions for Uromastyx nigriventris , Ptyodactylus oudrii , Macroprotodon brevis and Echis leucogaster , as well as the first observations of the two former species south of the proposed biogeographical barrier formed by the Djebel Ouarkziz mountain range and the closest record of Echis leucogaster to the coast. Data presented herein shows that at least three species of reptile thought geographically-limited by this chain of mountains, or… 
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