Reprogramming the conduction system: Onward toward a biological pacemaker.


Diseases of the cardiac conduction system can be debilitating and deadly. Electronic pacemakers are incredibly effective in the treatment of sinus and AV node dysfunction, yet there remain important limitations and complications. These issues have driven interest in the development of a biological pacemaker. Here, we review experimental progress in animal models and discuss future directions, with a focus on reprogramming endogenous cells in the heart to treat defects of rhythm and conduction.

DOI: 10.1016/j.tcm.2015.03.015

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@article{Meyers2016ReprogrammingTC, title={Reprogramming the conduction system: Onward toward a biological pacemaker.}, author={Jason D Meyers and Patrick Y . Jay and Stacey L Rentschler}, journal={Trends in cardiovascular medicine}, year={2016}, volume={26 1}, pages={14-20} }