Reprogramming of rye rDNA in triticale during microsporogenesis

  title={Reprogramming of rye rDNA in triticale during microsporogenesis},
  author={Manuela Silva and Andrea Queiroz and Nuno Neves and Augusta Bar{\~a}o and Alexandra Castilho and Leonor Morais-Cec{\'i}lio and Wanda Viegas},
  journal={Chromosome Research},
To test the hypothesis that interspecific genomic and chromosome interactions leading to nucleolar dominance could be reprogrammed in meiosis, we compared the expression of distinct nucleolar organizing region (NOR) loci in hexaploid triticale root tip meristematic cells, pollen mother cells and young pollen grains. Interphase and metaphase cells were silver stained to quantify nucleoli and active NOR loci respectively. A marked difference in the ribosomal RNA gene activity of each locus was… CONTINUE READING
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