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Reprogramming anthropocene - crowdsourced governance of trans-technical systems

  title={Reprogramming anthropocene - crowdsourced governance of trans-technical systems},
  author={Sasha Mile Rudan and Sinisa Rudan and Dino Karabeg},
Anthropocene happens to be the largest socio-material system ever created. Mankind is daily interacting with that system; there are many bonds and loops between the system components. Every innocent step is an interaction, every need / desire or a resource requirement, every wish to redesign even a smallest corner of the planet, or even helping one species to survive, reflects as a loopback to the planet reinforcing in that sense, through that (mostly negative) feedback, the concept of the… 
Extending BPM(N) to Support Face-to-Virtual (F2V) Process Modeling
The notion of sub-process palettes is introduced as a means to reduce the rigidity, and introduce personalization, of processes in CoPI4P communities and the corresponding F2V business processes.