Reproductivity of captive wild bactrian camels (camelus, przewalskii, 1878)

  title={Reproductivity of captive wild bactrian camels (camelus, przewalskii, 1878)},
  author={G Dovchindorj and Taogetao Baoyin and Hugjiltu Minggagud and G Ariunjargal and Bariushaa Munkhtsog},
  • G Dovchindorj, Taogetao Baoyin, +2 authors Bariushaa Munkhtsog
  • Published 2018
  • Biology
  • Wild camel is the endangered native species of Central Asia that are found only in the western north of China, and Trans Altai Gobi of Mongolia. In this article was written that the reproductivity of captive wild bactrian camels based on the result and analysis developed at the research center for “Captive Wild camel breeding center”located near administration of Great Gobi Strictly Protected Area “A” part, between 1992 -2015. A gestation age, birth repetition and birth time of female captive… CONTINUE READING

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