Reproductive toxicology of inhaled styrene oxide in rats and rabbits.

  title={Reproductive toxicology of inhaled styrene oxide in rats and rabbits.},
  author={M R Sikov and Walter Cannon and Daniel B. Carr and Rodney Miller and Richard W. Niemeier and Bryan D. Hardin},
  journal={Journal of applied toxicology : JAT},
  volume={6 3},
Experiments were performed to evaluate reproductive and developmental toxicology in rats and rabbits exposed to styrene oxide by inhalation. Female rats were exposed to 100 or 300 ppm styrene oxide or to filtered air for 7 h/day, 5 days/week for 3 weeks. Extensive mortality occurred in rats that received prolonged exposure to 100 ppm styrene oxide while 300 ppm was rapidly lethal. As a result exposures were terminated in this latter group and the group was eliminated from further study. The… CONTINUE READING