Reproductive phenotpes of the progesterone receptor null mutant mouse.

  title={Reproductive phenotpes of the progesterone receptor null mutant mouse.},
  author={John P. Lydon and Franco J Demayo and Orla M. Conneely and Bert W O'malley},
  journal={The Journal of steroid biochemistry and molecular biology},
  volume={56 1-6 Spec No},
Although progesterone has been traditionally associated with the establishment and maintenance of mammalian pregnancy, a number of studies have implicated physiological roles of this steroid hormone in other reproductive events. At present most of the downstream molecular and cellular mechanisms by which progesterone exerts its effects are unclear; however, the progesterone signal is known to be mediated initially by the progesterone receptor (PR), a member of the nuclear receptor superfamily… CONTINUE READING


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