Reproductive maturation and senescence in the female brown bear

  title={Reproductive maturation and senescence in the female brown bear},
  author={Charles C. Schwartz and Kim A. Keating and Harry V. Reynolds and Victor G. Barnes and Richard A. Sellers and Jon Swenson and Sterling D. Miller and Bruce N. McLellan and Jeff Keay and Robert McCann and Michael L. Gibeau and Wayne F. Wakkinen and Richard D. Mace and Wayne F. Kasworm and Rodger Smith and Steven Herrero},
Changes in age-specific reproductive rates can have important implications for managing populations, but the number of female brown (grizzly) bears (Ursus arctos) observed in any one study is usually inadequate to quantify such patterns, especially for older females and in hunted areas. We examined patters of reproductive maturation and senescence in female brown bears by combining data from 20 study areas from Sweden, Alaska, Canada, and the continental United States. We assessed reproductive… CONTINUE READING
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