Reproductive isolation and hybrid pollen disadvantage in Ipomopsis.

  title={Reproductive isolation and hybrid pollen disadvantage in Ipomopsis.},
  author={D. R. Campbell and Rub{\'e}n M. Alarc{\'o}n and Carrie A. Wu},
  journal={Journal of evolutionary biology},
  volume={16 3},
One cause of reproductive isolation is gamete competition, in which conspecific pollen has an advantage over heterospecific pollen in siring seeds, thereby decreasing the formation of F1 hybrids. Analogous pollen interactions between hybrid pollen and conspecific pollen can contribute to post-zygotic isolation. The herbaceous plants Ipomopsis aggregata and I. tenuituba frequently hybridize in nature. Hand-pollination of I. aggregata with pollen from F1 or F2 hybrids produced as many seeds as… CONTINUE READING

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