Reproductive isolation among sympatric cryptic species in marine diatoms.

  title={Reproductive isolation among sympatric cryptic species in marine diatoms.},
  author={Alberto Amato and Wiebe H. C. F. Kooistra and Jung Hee Levialdi Ghiron and David G. Mann and Thomas Pr{\"o}schold and Marina Montresor},
  volume={158 2},
Pseudo-nitzschia is a marine cosmopolitan genus of chain-forming planktonic diatoms. As for the vast majority of phytoplankton organisms, species identification within this genus mostly relies upon morphological features. Taxa were initially identified based on cell shape and gross morphology of their composite silica cell wall, called the frustule. Yet, observations of the frustule in electron microscopy showed many additional characters for species identification and results of molecular… CONTINUE READING