Reproductive hazards of lead exposure among urban Egyptian men.

  title={Reproductive hazards of lead exposure among urban Egyptian men.},
  author={E A El-Zohairy and Ashraf F Youssef and S M Abul-Nasr and Ibrahim M Fahmy and Deeb Salem and A K Kahil and M K Madkour},
  journal={Reproductive toxicology},
  volume={10 2},
Fifty-five urban Egyptian males, aged 20-40, were assigned to two main groups to study the effects of their exposure to lead (Pb). Group I, infertile men (INF, n = 30), was divided into environmentally exposed (INF-E, n = 15) and environmentally and occupationally exposed (INF-EO, n = 15). A matching group (II) of fertile men (F, n = 25) was divided into fertile, environmentally exposed (F-E, n = 10), which was the control group, and fertile, environmentally and occupationally exposed (F-EO, n… CONTINUE READING