Reproductive development in apomictic populations of Arabis holboellii (Brassicaceae)

  title={Reproductive development in apomictic populations of Arabis holboellii (Brassicaceae)},
  author={Tamara N. Naumova and Jessica van der Laak and Jaroslaw Osadtchiy and Fritz Matzk and Alexei Kravtchenko and Jan H. W. Bergervoet and Kamisetti S. Ramulu and Kim Boutilier},
  journal={Sexual Plant Reproduction},
Megasporogenesis, megagametogenesis and seed formation were analyzed cytologically in populations of Arabis holboellii originating from North America (Colorado) and Greenland. The Colorado population contained only triploid plants, while the Greenland population consisted of diploid and triploid plants. The penetrance of the apomictic trait was assessed at the level of embryo sac development. All populations showed facultative apomeiotic embryo sac development; however the penetrance of this… CONTINUE READING


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