Reproductive biology of Alpinia blepharocalyx (Zingiberaceae): another example of flexistyly

  title={Reproductive biology of Alpinia blepharocalyx (Zingiberaceae): another example of flexistyly},
  author={Ling Zhang and Qing-jun Li and Xiao-Bao Deng and Pan-Yu Ren and Jiang-yun Gao},
  journal={Plant Systematics and Evolution},
The floral biology and breeding system of Alpinia blepharocalyx were studied in Yunnan province, southwest China. Our results indicate that populations of A. blepharocalyx have two floral morphs, which differ in flowering behaviour: the cataflexistylous morph in which the stigma is held erect above the dehiscent anther when anthesis begins in the morning and becomes curved under the anther at afternoon, and the anaflexistylous morph in which the receptive stigma is curved under the indehiscent… CONTINUE READING
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