Reproduction management of tethered cows on Norwegian dairy farms.

  title={Reproduction management of tethered cows on Norwegian dairy farms.},
  author={Olav Reksen and Aage Tverdal and J R Lang-Ree and Eystein Glattre and Erik Ropstad},
  journal={Animal reproduction science},
  volume={57 3-4},
Dairy farms in southern Norway were surveyed to obtain information regarding reproduction management in tied herds. A total of 1613 farms were included in the analyses. Reproductive performance during the main breeding period of the year (November 1 to February 28) was measured using the following dependent variables: calving to first service and last service interval, number of artificial inseminations per cow, non-return rate at 60 days, and calving interval. Culling for failure to conceive… CONTINUE READING