Reproduction in the male honey possum (Tarsipes rostratus: Marsupialia): the epididymis.

  title={Reproduction in the male honey possum (Tarsipes rostratus: Marsupialia): the epididymis.},
  author={James M. Cummins and Peter D M Temple-Smith and Marilyn B Renfree},
  journal={The American journal of anatomy},
  volume={177 3},
The epididymis of the adult honey possum, Tarsipes rostratus, is enclosed by a heavily pigmented tunica vaginalis and lies with the testis in a prominent prepenile scrotum. It is connected to the testis by a single ductus efferentis and is lined by approximately equal numbers of cuboidal ciliated and principal cells. It is unusual for marsupials in having no well-defined compartments or fibrous septae and in having extensive convolutions of the duct only at the caudal flexure. Three principal… CONTINUE READING
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