Reproducible Research in Computational Harmonic Analysis

  title={Reproducible Research in Computational Harmonic Analysis},
  author={D. Donoho and A. Maleki and Inam Ur Rahman and M. Shahram and V. Stodden},
  journal={Computing in Science \& Engineering},
Scientific computation is emerging as absolutely central to the scientific method. Unfortunately, it's error-prone and currently immature-traditional scientific publication is incapable of finding and rooting out errors in scientific computation-which must be recognized as a crisis. An important recent development and a necessary response to the crisis is reproducible computational research in which researchers publish the article along with the full computational environment that produces the… Expand
Defects, Scientific Computation and the Scientific Method
A theoretical model based on Shannon information is developed which suggests that software systems have strong implementation independent behaviour and presents supporting evidence. Expand
Setting the Default to Reproducible Reproducibility in Computational and Experimental Mathematics
This report summarizes discussions that took place during the ICERM Workshop on Reproducibility in Computational and Experimental Mathematics, held December 10-14, 2012 and highlights the main recommendations that emerged from the workshop discussions. Expand
Full Computational Reproducibility in Biological Science: Methods, Software and a Case Study in Protein Biology
Here it is shown how full computational reproducibility can be achieved in practice at every stage using a case study of a multi-gigabyte protein study on the open SwissProt protein database, from data download all the way to individual figure by figure reproduction as an exemplar for general scientific computation. Expand
On the State and Importance of Reproducible Experimental Research in Parallel Computing
This paper aims to initiate a discussion of the reproducibility issue in parallel computing, and elaborate on the importance of reproducible research for better and sounder technical/scientific papers, a sounder and more efficient review process and more effective collective work. Expand
“Reproducible” Research in Mathematical Sciences Requires Changes in our Peer Review Culture and Modernization of our Current Publication Approach
  • S. Schnell
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Bulletin of mathematical biology
  • 2018
Replication of a research study should be the minimum standard for judging its scientific claims and considering it for publication and requires changes in the current peer review practice and strict adoption of a replication policy similar to those adopted in experimental fields such as organic synthesis. Expand
A collaborative approach to computational reproducibility
A new publication model for the Reproducibility Section of Information Systems Journal is implemented, where authors submit a reproducibility paper that explains in detail the computational assets from a previous published manuscript in Information Systems. Expand
Enabling the Verification of Computational Results: An Empirical Evaluation of Computational Reproducibility
This article attempts to regenerate published claims from author-supplied information, including data, code, inputs, and other provided specifications, on a different computational system than that used by the original authors. Expand
Resolving Irreproducibility in Empirical and Computational Research
The reproducibility of published findings is becoming a hot topic. From reports in the popular press to congressional activity, and from scholarly society engagement to academic publications andExpand
Scientific Tests and Continuous Integration Strategies to Enhance Reproducibility in the Scientific Software Context
This work explores scientific software testing and CI strategies using two articles published in the areas of applied mathematics and computational physics, and introduces the notion of a "scientific test" as one that produces computational results from a published article. Expand
The case for open computer programs
It is argued that, with some exceptions, anything less than the release of source programs is intolerable for results that depend on computation. Expand


An introduction to wavelets
The mathematics have been worked out in excruciating detail, and wavelet theory is now in the refinement stage, which involves generalizing and extending wavelets, such as in extending wavelet packet techniques. Expand
Multiscale representation for data on the sphere and applications to geopotential data
A wavelet transform on the sphere, based on the spherical HEALPix coordinate system (Hierarchical Equal Area iso-Latitude Pixelization), which allows to evaluate a gravimetric quantity over a local region far more rapidly than the classic approach based on spherical harmonics. Expand
Why Most Published Research Findings Are False
Simulations show that for most study designs and settings, it is more likely for a research claim to be false than true. Expand
Uncertainty principles and ideal atomic decomposition
It is proved that if S is representable as a highly sparse superposition of atoms from this time-frequency dictionary, then there is only one such highly sparse representation of S, and it can be obtained by solving the convex optimization problem of minimizing the l/sup 1/ norm of the coefficients among all decompositions. Expand
Extensions of compressed sensing
The results show that, when appropriately deployed in a favorable setting, the CS framework is able to save significantly over traditional sampling, and there are many useful extensions of the basic idea. Expand
Multiscale Representations for Manifold-Valued Data
Multiscale representations for data observed on equispaced grids and taking values in manifolds such as the sphere, the special orthogonal group, the positive definite matrices, and the Grassmann manifolds, using theExp and Log maps of those manifolds are described. Expand
Connect the dots: how many random points can a regular curve pass through?
Given a class Γ of curves in [0, 1]2, we ask: in a cloud of n uniform random points, how many points can lie on some curve γ ∈ Γ? Classes studied here include curves of length less than or equal toExpand
For most large underdetermined systems of linear equations the minimal 1-norm solution is also the sparsest solution
We consider linear equations y = Φx where y is a given vector in ℝn and Φ is a given n × m matrix with n 0 so that for large n and for all Φ's except a negligible fraction, the following propertyExpand
WaveLab and Reproducible Research
Wavelab is a library of wavelet-packet analysis, cosine- Packet analysis and matching pursuit, available free of charge over the Internet. Expand
A wavelet tour of signal processing
Introduction to a Transient World. Fourier Kingdom. Discrete Revolution. Time Meets Frequency. Frames. Wavelet Zoom. Wavelet Bases. Wavelet Packet and Local Cosine Bases. An Approximation Tour.Expand