Reproducibility of isoproterenol tilt-table tests in patients with syncope.

  title={Reproducibility of isoproterenol tilt-table tests in patients with syncope.},
  author={Robert Stanley Sheldon and J B Splawinski and Sisley Killam},
  journal={The American journal of cardiology},
  volume={69 16},
To assess the reproducibility of head-up tilt-table testing 46 patients each underwent 2 isoproterenol tilt-table tests 1 to 6 weeks apart. Of 20 patients with an initially asymptomatic negative test result, 17 (85%) had a second negative test result. Of 20 patients whose initial test ended in syncope, 18 had a second test ending in syncope (n = 12) or presyncope (n = 6). Five of 6 patients whose first test ended in presyncope had a second test that ended in presyncope, and 1 had a second test… CONTINUE READING

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