Reproducibility of Symptom Association Analysis in Ambulatory Reflux Monitoring

  title={Reproducibility of Symptom Association Analysis in Ambulatory Reflux Monitoring},
  author={Marissa C Aanen and Albert Jan Bredenoord and Mattys E Numans and Michael K. Samson and Andr{\'e} J. P. M. Smout},
  journal={The American Journal of Gastroenterology},
INTRODUCTION:The temporal relationship between reflux symptoms and reflux episodes during ambulatory reflux monitoring can be studied with symptom association analysis, and the strength of the relationship can be expressed using indices such as the SAP (symptom association probability), SI (symptom index), and SSI (symptom sensitivity index). The reproducibility of these indices has not been determined yet.METHOD:Twenty-one patients with typical reflux symptoms (9 men, 53 [38–57] yr) underwent… CONTINUE READING
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