Reproducibility of Phosphorus and Arsenic Doped Polysilicon Emitters

  title={Reproducibility of Phosphorus and Arsenic Doped Polysilicon Emitters},
  author={C.H.H. Emons and R. A. van den Heuvel},
  journal={ESSDERC '95: Proceedings of the 25th European Solid State Device Research Conference},
In order to improve the reproducibility of current gain and emitter efficiency of polysilicon emitter transistors, polysilicon deposition was carried out in the Advance 600/2 clustertool provided with in-situ HF vapour clean and controlled oxidation step and compared with a conventional polysilicon furnace. However, for both types of furnaces, batch to batch non-uniformity for phosphorus doped emitters was unacceptably high (≫ 100%), whereas RTA annealed arsenic doped emitters show good… CONTINUE READING

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