Repression of ci-D in posterior compartments of Drosophila by engrailed.

  title={Repression of ci-D in posterior compartments of Drosophila by engrailed.},
  author={Stanley B. Eaton and Thomas B Kornberg},
  journal={Genes & development},
  volume={4 6},
A Drosophila strain was isolated that carries a lacZ-bearing recombinant P element integrated in the cubitus interruptus Dominant (ci-D) locus. This strain expresses beta-galactosidase in the anterior compartments of embryos and imaginal discs, suggesting that expression of ci-D is anterior-compartment specific. DNA from ci-D was cloned. In situ hybridization to imaginal discs confirmed that ci-D RNA is present only in anterior compartments. ci-D RNA is also limited to the anterior compartments… CONTINUE READING
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