Representing Russia: Luxury and Diplomacy at the Razumovsky Palace in Vienna, 1803–1815

  title={Representing Russia: Luxury and Diplomacy at the Razumovsky Palace in Vienna, 1803–1815},
  author={Mark C. Ferraguto},
  journal={Music and Letters},
  pages={383 - 408}
ABSTRACT: This essay explores the role of luxury in the social and diplomatic life of Count Andrey Razumovsky (1752–1836), Russian ambassador to Austria during the Napoleonic Wars. Focusing on Razumovsky’s making of an embassy during the heyday of his estate, roughly 1803 to 1815, it examines his cultivation of English landscape gardening, neoclassical architecture, and Viennese music in relation to ideas of European representational culture and Russian Westernization. Through his engagement… Expand
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