Representativeness of Aerosol Measurements : Earlinet-calipso Correlative Study

  title={Representativeness of Aerosol Measurements : Earlinet-calipso Correlative Study},
  author={Gelsomina Pappalardo and Ulla Wandinger and Lucia Mona and Anja Hiebsch and Ina Mattis and Holger Linn{\'e} and Arnoud and Apituley and Lucas Alados Arboledas and Dimitris Balis and Adolfo Comer{\'o}n and Volker Freudenthaler and Elina and Giannakaki and Aldo Giunta and Juan Luis Guerrero Rascado and Fabio Madonna and Rodelize-Elizabeth Mamouri and Francisco Molero and Alexandros Papayannis and Manuel Pujadas and Francesc Rocadenbosch and Nicola Spinelli and Xuan Wang and Matthias Wiegner},
The high variability of tropospheric aerosols, both in space and time, is the main cause of the high uncertainty about radiative forcing related to tropospheric aerosols and their interaction with clouds. Because of the lack of high resolution aerosol global vertical profiles, the vertical mixing has not been considered so far in studies of spatial and… CONTINUE READING