Representations of the Chudes in Norwegian and Russian Folklore

  title={Representations of the Chudes in Norwegian and Russian Folklore},
  author={Natalia Drannikova and Roald Larsen},
  journal={Acta Borealia},
  pages={58 - 72}
Abstract The objectives of this article are (1) to reveal the meaning (semantics) of the word “Chude” in Norwegian and Russian cultures; (2) to analyze Russian and Norwegian legends about the Chudes in order to define the main plot-constructing elements. When writing this article the authors used a synchronous and diachronous methods of analysis of material that was written down in a period that exceeds one and a half centuries. In etymological sense the word “Chude” (tsjude or Cud) can be… 
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The materiality of the letter in Seto oral culture
Abstract This article focuses on the concept of letter in oral folklore. The main research material is examples from the older folk songs of Seto, where a letter, a book and other items referring to


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