Representations of S{sub {infinity}} admissible with respect to Young subgroups

  title={Representations of S\{sub \{infinity\}\} admissible with respect to Young subgroups},
  author={Nikolai Ivanovich Nessonov},
Let N be the set of positive integers and S{sub {infinity}} the set of finite permutations of N. For a partition {Pi} of the set N into infinite parts A{sub 1},A{sub 2},... we denote by S{sub {Pi}} the subgroup of S{sub {infinity}} whose elements leave invariant each of the sets A{sub j}. We set S{sub {infinity}}{sup (N)}={l_brace}s element of S{sub {infinity}:} s(i)=i for any i=1,2,...,N{r_brace}. A factor representation T of the group S{sub {infinity}} is said to be {Pi}-admissible if for… CONTINUE READING


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