Representations of Matroids in Semimodular Lattices

  title={Representations of Matroids in Semimodular Lattices},
  author={Alexandre V. Borovik and Israel M. Gelfand and Neil White},
  journal={Eur. J. Comb.},
Representations of matroids in semimodular lattices and Coxeter matroids in chamber systems are considered in this paper. 
The Topological Representation of Oriented Matroids
A new proof of the Topological Representation Theorem for oriented matroids in the general rank case uses hyperline sequences and the generalized Schonflies theorem and shows that one can read off orientedMatroids from arrangements of embedded spheres of codimension one, even if wild spheres are involved.
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On exchange properties for Coxeter matroids and oriented matroids
The new basis exchange axioms are special cases of exchange properties for a more general class of combinatorial structures, Coxeter matroids, and it is proved their equivalence to the matroid polytope property of Gelfand and Serganova.
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In this paper geometric properties of the following metric space C are studied. Its elements are called chambers and are the maximal chains of a semimodular lattice X of finite height and its metric
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CONTENTSIntroduction § 1. Torus orbits and strata on the Grassmannian § 2. Matroids and strata on the Grassmannian § 3. The moment mapping and toric varieties § 4. The geometry of compact homogeneous
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Part I. Finite and Affine Reflection Groups: 1. Finite reflection groups 2. Classification of finite reflection groups 3. Polynomial invariants of finite reflection groups 4. Affine reflection groups
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H. S. M. Coxeter: Published Works.- I: Polytopes and Honeycombs.- Uniform Tilings with Hollow Tiles.- Spherical Tilings with Transitivity Properties.- Some Isonemal Fabrics on Polyhedral Surfaces.-