Representability and Specht Problem for G-graded Algebras


Let W be an associative PI -algebra over a field F of characteristic zero, graded by a finite group G. Let idG(W ) denote the T -ideal of G-graded identities of W . We prove: 1. [G-graded PI -equivalence] There exists a field extension K of F and a finite dimensional Z/2Z × G-graded algebra A over K such that idG(W ) = idG(A ∗) where A∗ is the Grassmann… (More)


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@inproceedings{Aljadeff2009RepresentabilityAS, title={Representability and Specht Problem for G-graded Algebras}, author={Eli Aljadeff and ALEXEI KANEL-BELOV}, year={2009} }