Reports spark row over bee-bothering insecticides

  title={Reports spark row over bee-bothering insecticides},
  author={Daniel Cressey},
Pesticide manufacturer brands risk assessment ‘hurried and inadequate’. 

Field evaluation of an attract and kill strategy against western corn rootworm larvae

Further research on belowground orientation and movement of D. v. virgifera larvae, as well as tests with combinations of CO2-emitting capsules and lower rates of soil insecticide are needed to potentially develop attract and kill strategies as a management option against this maize pest.

Development of an „Attract & Kill“ strategy for the control of western corn rootworm larvae

The mortality of WCR larvae significantly increased compared to a conventional treatment of Tefluthrin in the root system at lower insecticide application rates, and non destructive methodologies were developed to evaluate larval behaviour, movement and spatial distribution.

Successful application of entomopathogenic nematodes for the biological control of western corn rootworm larvae in Europe – a mini review

Policy bodies, decision makers and farmers are advised to consider biological control as one of the alternatives to synthetic pesticides in maize production, and according to the EC Directive on the sustainable use of pesticides and implementation of integrated pest management.