Reports of Adolescent Psychiatric Outpatients on the Impact of the TV Series "13 Reasons Why": A Qualitative Study.

  title={Reports of Adolescent Psychiatric Outpatients on the Impact of the TV Series "13 Reasons Why": A Qualitative Study.},
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Suicide Prevention Videos Developed by and for Adolescents.
Using a participatory qualitative research approach to explore the experiences of adolescents producing suicide prevention videos targeting other adolescents in a school setting, including adolescents aged 15-19 has multiple benefits.
Young People's Perspectives and Understanding of the Suicide Story in 13 Reasons Why.
This research highlights the way that youth, when given the opportunity, articulated a nuanced understanding of the representation of adolescent suicide in 13RW, viewing it as entertainment rather than a realistic depiction that added little in terms of suicide awareness and generated minimal opportunities for in-depth discussion.
Association of Increased Youth Suicides in the United States With the Release of 13 Reasons Why.
The suicide increase in youth only and the signal of a potentially larger increase in young females all appear to be consistent with a contagion by media and seem to reinforce the need for collaboration toward improving fictional portrayals of suicide.
Why Thirteen Reasons Why may elicit suicidal ideation in some viewers, but help others.


Suicide Attempt Admissions From a Single Children's Hospital Before and After the Introduction of Netflix Series 13 Reasons Why.
Beneficial and harmful effects of educative suicide prevention websites: randomised controlled trial exploring Papageno v. Werther effects
Background Suicide prevention organisations frequently use websites to educate the public, but evaluations of these websites are lacking. Aims To examine the effects of educative websites and the
Internet Searches for Suicide Following the Release of 13 Reasons Why
This quasiexperimental examination of internet search results determines that the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why has both increased suicide awareness while unintentionally increasing suicidal ideation.
Suicide on TV: minimising the risk to vulnerable viewers
International media guidance should be strengthened, implemented, and enforced by governments and media organisations.
Teen Suicide: Fanning the Flames of a Public Health Crisis.
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Learning to Think Iconically in the Human and Social Sciences: Iconic Standards of Understanding as a Pivotal Challenge for Method Development
Conditions for the development of social scientific empirical methods able to further exploit the iconic potential of the image are outlined and fashion is outlined as a prototypical field, in which an empirically based development of such methods might start off.