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ReportInventory Matching Problems in the Steel Industrycompiled by :

  title={ReportInventory Matching Problems in the Steel Industrycompiled by :},
  author={Rajiv Jayant and KalagnanamMilind and W. and DawandeMark and TrumboHo and Soo},
This report is an e ort to consolidate two di erent avors of a surplus inventory matching problem encountered in the steel industry: Surplus Un nished Inventory Matching, and Surplus Finished Inventory Matching. This report is compiled from two other reports that describe the heuristic solution approaches developed for a real world application of these problems [1, 2]. The focus here is to motivate these problems from an operations planning point of view. The initial sections of this report… 


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Knapsack Problems: Algorithms and Computer Implementations
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  • 1978