Report to the DESY PRC

  title={Report to the DESY PRC},
  author={Clarisse Teixeira Adloff and Jennifer Blaha and J. J. Blaising and Maximilien Chefdeville and C. Drancourt and Ambroise Espargili{\`e}re and Renzo Gaglione and Nourissat Geoffroy and Yannis Karyotakis and Judit Ciurana i Prast and Guillaume Vouters and T. Cundiff and Grace Drake and Barbara Haberichter and Valentina Guarino and Alexandra Kreps and Erik May and Jos{\'e} Repond and Jochen Schlereth and John Richard Smith and Danielle Underwood and Katherine Wood and Lijia Xia and Qiang Zhang and Andrew Brandt and Heather Ferguson Brown and Kim De and Caolina Medina and Jing⁃rong Li and Mark Sosebee and Andrew White and Jakraphan Yu and Zhiyin Deng and Yaopeng Li and Wang Zhi Yi and Qiao Yue and Zahgn Yang and Trond Buanes and Bj{\"o}rn Hallvard Samset and Dominik Fehlker and Ruslan R{\"o}hrich and Heidi Sandaker and Yoshino Mikami and Owen I. Miller and Noelle Watson and Jason A. Wilson and John Butler and Eric. Hazen and S. W. L. Wu and Michelle Goodrick and Taiga Goto and L. 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Toma{\vs}ek and Martin Tom{\'a}{\vs}ek and Philipp Ruzicka and Petr {\vS}{\'i}cho and Jamie Smolik and Vojtěch Vrba and Jan Z{\'a}le{\vs}{\'a}k and Yu. I. Arestov and V. V. Ammosov and B. V. Chuiko and V. A. Gapienko and Y. Gilitski and V. I. Koreshev and Artem Semak and Yu. M. Sviridov and Vassilli Zaets and Bouchra Belhorma and Moussa Belmir and Hamid Ghazlane and Rebecca E. Coath and J. Crooks and Marcel Michael Stanitzki and Juliane Strube and Rosaria Turchetta and J. R. Carter and Maria Barbi and S. Nam and Il Hwan Park and J. Yang and Jong Seo Chai and Jong-Tae Kim and Geun-Bum Kim and Young-kee Kim and Je Hyun Kang and Yang Soo Kwon and Ilgoo Kim and Taeyun Lee and Jaehong Park and Jinho Sung and Satoshi Itoh and Kyousuke Kotera and Masayuki Nishiyama and Tohru Takeshita and Asfandiyar Khan and D. H. Kim and J. E. Kim and De Juan Kong and Young Dae Oh and Shojiro Uozumi and Hiroshi Koike and Yoshio Sudo and Yoshihumu Takahashi and Kouyu Tanaka and Forrest Hays Phillips and Stefan A. L. Weber and Chr. Zeitnitz},
We present an overview of the CALICE activities on calorimeter development for a future linear collider. We report on test beam analysis results, the status of prototype development and future plans. 

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