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Report on the survey of northern Lake Nyasa 1954-55 by the Joint Fisheries Research Organization [of Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland]

  title={Report on the survey of northern Lake Nyasa 1954-55 by the Joint Fisheries Research Organization [of Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland]},
  author={T. Derrick Iles and Peter B. N. Jackson and D. Harding and Geoffrey Fryer},

Incidence of Lernaea cyprinacea on Lake Malawi Kampango (Bagrus meridionalis)

There is a great need for further studies on various parameters associated with the infested B. meridionalis’s health as there was a strong correlation between length and weight of the infected fish.

Spatial and temporal dynamics of pCO2 and CO2 flux in tropical Lake Malawi

Numerous studies have documented CO2 dynamics in temperate lakes, but few such studies have been conducted on tropical lakes. Spatial and seasonal variation of air and water pCO2, along with


Given the vast cross cultural diversity prevailing in India, including in classif ication of living beings using the observed characters and naming them in vernacular language, preservation of local

Preliminary studies on the ecology of Mbasa (Opsaridium microlepis (Gunther)) in Lake Nyasa around the Ruhuhu River

The ecology of Opsaridium microlepis was studied in Lake Nyasa around the Ruhuhu River. The species is endemic to the lake and is economically very important. The catches of O. microlepis have

Reproductive biology and condition factor of the catfish Bagrus docmak (Forsskål) (Pisces: Bagridae) in Lake Chamo, Ethiopia

Some aspects of reproductive biology, length-weight relationship and condition factor of Bagrus docmak (Forsskal) in Lake Chamo were studied and the overall sex ratio (male: female) was 1:1.

Lake Malawi: fishes, fisheries, biodiversity, health and habitat

Lake Malawi's fishes are a source of food for millions and provide a livelihood for thousands by encouraging tourism, fascinating the scientific fraternity, enchanting aquarists around the world and

A brief history of the scientific study of tropical African inland waters

The inland waters of Africa, and especially its large rivers, determined much of the original geographical exploration of the continent. Subsequently, their scientific study has contributed to the

The development of freshwater science in Britain, and British contributions abroad, 1900-2000

The nineteenth century was a period in which the framework of science developed rapidly and internationally. At its close there were, in Britain, the background and many active ingredients of future


It is postulated that both the absolute number of fish and number ofFish species which are small when adult, in an area inhabited by Hydrocyon vittatus, and possibly also Lates miloticus subspp.

Fisheries management in Malawi: a patchwork of traditional, modern, and post-modern regimes unfolds

Malawi is a land-locked country in southern Africa that is renowned for its warm hospitality, scenic beauty, and aquatic biodiversity (estimated at 500–1000 endemic species of fish). However, this