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Report on the session Loop Quantum Gravity: Cosmology and Black Holes of the 16th Marcel Grossmann Meeting

  title={Report on the session Loop Quantum Gravity: Cosmology and Black Holes of the 16th Marcel Grossmann Meeting},
  author={Jorge Pullin and Parampreet Singh},
We summarize the main results of 19 talks presented at the QG3 session (loop quantum gravity: cosmology and black holes) of the 16th Marcel Grossmann Meeting held online from July $5^{\mathrm{th}}$-10$^{\mathrm{th}}$, 2021. 



Loop quantum deparametrized Schwarzschild interior and discrete black hole mass

We present the detailed analyses of a model of loop quantum Schwarzschild interior coupled to a massless scalar field and extend the results in our previous rapid communication [1] to more general

Towards a reduced phase space quantization in loop quantum cosmology with an inflationary potential

We explore a reduced phase space quantization of loop quantum cosmology (LQC) with Gaussian and Brown-Kuchař dust, and massless Klein-Gordon scalar reference fields for a spatially flat FLRW model

Black hole singularity resolution via the modified Raychaudhuri equation in loop quantum gravity

We derive Loop Quantum Gravity corrections to the Raychaudhuri equation in the interior of a Schwarzschild black hole and near the classical singularity. We show that the resulting effective equation

Cosmic Tango Between the Very Small and the Very Large: Addressing CMB Anomalies Through Loop Quantum Cosmology

While the standard, six-parameter, spatially flat Λ CDM model has been highly successful, certain anomalies in the cosmic microwave background bring out a tension between this model and observations.

Nonsingular quantum gravitational dynamics of an Lemaître-Tolman-Bondi dust shell model: The role of quantization prescriptions

We study some consequences of the loop quantization of the outermost dust shell in the Lemâıtre–Tolman–Bondi spacetime with a homogeneous dust density using different quantization strategies

Primordial power spectrum from a matter-ekpyrotic bounce scenario in loop quantum cosmology

A union of matter bounce and Ekpyrotic scenarios is often studied in an attempt to combine the most promising features of these two models. Since non-perturbative quantum geometric effects in loop

Primordial power spectrum from the dressed metric approach in loop cosmologies

We investigate the consequences of different regularizations and ambiguities in loop cosmological models on the predictions in the scalar and tensor primordial spectrum of the cosmic microwave

Loop quantum gravity on dynamical lattice and improved cosmological effective dynamics with inflaton

In the path integral formulation of the reduced phase space Loop Quantum Gravity (LQG), we propose a new approach to allow the spatial cubic lattice (graph) to change dynamically in the physical time

Taming fluctuations for Gaussian states in loop quantum cosmology

We do not observe quantum effects on cosmological scales. Thus, if loop quantum cosmology (LQC) is to provide an accurate depiction of the real world, it must allow for quantum states of spacetime

Alleviating the Tension in the Cosmic Microwave Background Using Planck-Scale Physics.

This work revisits the PLANCK analysis with loop quantum cosmology (LQC) predictions and shows that LQC alleviates both the large-scale power anomaly and the tension in the lensing amplitude, and concludes with a prediction of larger optical depth and power suppression in the B-mode polarization power spectrum on large scales.