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Report on the host associations of the genus Macrosiagon (Coleoptera: Ripiphoridae) in Sulawesi (Indonesia)

  title={Report on the host associations of the genus Macrosiagon (Coleoptera: Ripiphoridae) in Sulawesi (Indonesia)},
  author={Jan Batelka and Patricia MacElveen Hoehn},
The wasp hosts of three species of the genus Macrosiagon Hentz, 1830 (Coleoptera: Ripiphoridae: Ripiphorinae: Macrosiagonini) are recorded from Central Sulawesi (Indonesia). Macrosiagon nasuta (Thunberg, 1784) was reared from the nests of Rhynchium haemorrhoidale (Fabricius, 1775) and Epsilon manifestatum crassipunctatum (Gusenleitner, 1991) (both Vespidae: Eumeninae), Macrosiagon cf. punctulaticeps (Blackburn, 1899) was reared from the nests of Pison sp. (Crabronidae: Trypoxylonini) and… 

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