Report of two Turkish infants with Norman-Roberts syndrome.

  title={Report of two Turkish infants with Norman-Roberts syndrome.},
  author={H{\"u}sey{\^i}n Caksen and O. Oğulcan Tuncer and Ercan Kirimi and J. P. Fryns and Abdurrahman Uner and Orhan Unal and Adnan Çinal and Dursun Odabaş},
  journal={Genetic counseling},
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Lissencephaly or agyria refers to a rare disorder that is characterized by the absence of cerebral convolutions and a poorly formed sylvian fissure, giving the appearance of a 3-4 months old fetal brain. At present more than 25 dysmorphology syndromes with lissencephaly or other disorders of neuronal migration have been described. In 1976, Norman et al. reported on two patients with lissencephaly type I and short, sloping forehead, an atypical phenotype for Miller-Dieker syndrome, a more common… CONTINUE READING