Reply to Rollo May

  title={Reply to Rollo May},
  author={V. Frankl},
  journal={Journal of Humanistic Psychology},
  pages={85 - 86}
  • V. Frankl
  • Published 1979
  • Psychology
  • Journal of Humanistic Psychology
In his article, &dquo;Is Logotherapy Authoritarian?&dquo; Bulka (1978) presented what he claimed to be a case example of Viktor Frankl’s psychotherapy method. In my response to the article (1978), I accepted Bulka’s representation of the case as psychotherapy. I was deceived. Upon reading Frankl’s (1978) comment on Bulka’s article, I learned that it was a case of organic brain disease &dquo;cured&dquo; by drug therapy, not psychotherapy. I must protest this misrepresentation. It was pointless… Expand


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