Reply to Kascsak: definition of the PrP 3F4 epitope revisited

  title={Reply to Kascsak: definition of the PrP 3F4 epitope revisited},
  author={Wen-Quan Zou and Jan P. M. Langeveld and Xiangzhu Xiao and S Chen and Patrick L. Mcgeer and Jue Yuan and Mike C. Payne and Hae-eun kang and John McGeehan and Man-sun Sy and Neil S. Greenspan and David L. Kaplan and Gong-Xian Wang and Piero Parchi and Edward A. Hoover and Geoff Kneale and Glenn C. Telling and Witold K Surewicz and Qingzhong Kong and Jian-Ping Guo},
This is a response to a letter by Kascsak (1) We appreciate the comments of Richard Kascsak on our new study (2) and regret the omission of a paper by him and co-workers (3) in our references. The fundamental importance of their work on the 3F4 antibody was recognized by our citation of two of their other relevant papers (4, 5). This reagent has greatly facilitated research on PrP and prion diseases. We fully agree with Dr. Kascsak that PrP residues Met109 and Met112 are contributory to the… CONTINUE READING