Reply to Borsa: ‘Molecular genetics as a valid contribution to the taxonomy of species complexes in stingrays: comment on Weigmann's global checklist of chondrichthyan fishes’

  title={Reply to Borsa: ‘Molecular genetics as a valid contribution to the taxonomy of species complexes in stingrays: comment on Weigmann's global checklist of chondrichthyan fishes’},
  author={Simon Weigmann},
  journal={Journal of Fish Biology},
  • S. Weigmann
  • Published 1 December 2016
  • Biology
  • Journal of Fish Biology
Weigmann (2016) recently provided an annotated global checklist of chondrichthyans (sharks, skates and rays, and chimaeras). As of 7 November 2015, the number of valid species totalled 1188, comprising 509 species of shark, 630 batoids and 49 chimaeras (Weigmann, 2016; Anon, 2016). In his comment on Weigmann (2016), Borsa (2017) criticized that both his nomenclatural contributions, the description of Himantura tutul Borsa, Durand, Shen, Arlyza, Solihin & Berrebi 2013 (Borsa et al., 2013a) and… 

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