Reply to ‘The ‘extremely ancient’ chromosome that isn’t’ by Elhaik et al

  title={Reply to ‘The ‘extremely ancient’ chromosome that isn’t’ by Elhaik et al},
  author={Fernando Luis Mendez and Krishna R. Veeramah and Mark G. Thomas and Tatiana Karafet and Michael F. Hammer},
  journal={European Journal of Human Genetics},
(P1⁄4 0.006/0.017 for females/total sample) indicating lower diarrhoea frequency for GJB2 carriers. In conclusion, present clinical results provide new insights on GJB2 heterozygote advantage, further suggesting that it might consist in an increased resistance to gastrointestinal infections as already demonstrated by in vitro studies. Future research activities should be carried out to further confirm the present finding (eg, increasing the sample size) and to investigate whether GJB2 carriers… CONTINUE READING