Reply to '‘What’, ‘where’ and ‘how’ in auditory cortex'

  title={Reply to '‘What’, ‘where’ and ‘how’ in auditory cortex'},
  author={Lizabeth M. Romanski and Biao Tian and Jonathan B. Fritz and Mortimer Mishkin and Patricia S. Goldman-Rakic and Josef P. Rauschecker},
  journal={Nature Neuroscience},
ventral pathway is responsible for identifying the speaker. Similarly, the dorsal pathway processes the melody of an instrumental piece, while the ventral pathway recognizes the instrument by its timbre. This ‘What/How’ model of functional segregation requires experimental confirmation. In particular, it will be important to understand how such functional segregation interacts with hemispheric lateralization, a feature of the auditory cortex that characterizes the human brain. 

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