Reply: To PMID 21724737.

  title={Reply: To PMID 21724737.},
  author={Yu Chieh Tzeng},
  journal={Experimental physiology},
  volume={96 7},
We appreciate and welcome the comments from Drs Tharion and Subramani on our paper (Sin et al. 2010), which we summarize as follows: (1) ventilatory equivalents of carbon dioxide (V̇E/V̇CO2 ) and oxygen (V̇E/V̇CO2 ) are imperfect measures of pulmonary gas exchange efficiency; and therefore (2) our study does not allow conclusions to be drawn regarding the role of respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA) in pulmonary gas exchange optimization. At first glance it may seem that our measurement choice… CONTINUE READING