Replicative events in hepatitis A virus-infected MRC-5 cells.

  title={Replicative events in hepatitis A virus-infected MRC-5 cells.},
  author={J de Chastonay and Gunter Siegl},
  volume={157 2},
Replication of hepatitis A virus (HAV) in MRC-5 cells was studied under one-step growth conditions. Viral replication neither interfered detectably with cellular DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis, nor could cytopathologic changes be recorded over a prolonged period of incubation. Synthesis of mature, infectious HAV particles could be detected as early as 2-4 days p.i. and occurred at a maximal rate around 8 days p.i., shortly before infectivity titers reached a plateau. Synthesis of total viral… CONTINUE READING

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