Replicative aging down-regulates the myogenic regulatory factors in human myoblasts.

  title={Replicative aging down-regulates the myogenic regulatory factors in human myoblasts.},
  author={Anne Bigot and Virginie Jacquemin and Florence Debacq-Chainiaux and Gillian Butler-Browne and Olivier Toussaint and Denis Furling and Vincent Mouly},
  journal={Biology of the cell},
  volume={100 3},
BACKGROUND INFORMATION Aging of human skeletal muscle results in a decline in muscle mass and force, and excessive turnover of muscle fibres, such as in muscular dystrophies, further increases this decline. Although it has been shown in rodents, by cross-age transplantation of whole muscles, that the environment plays an important role in this process, the implication of proliferating aging of the muscle progenitors has been poorly investigated, particularly in humans, since the regulation of… CONTINUE READING
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