Replication and Maintenance of Linear Phage-Plasmid N15.

  title={Replication and Maintenance of Linear Phage-Plasmid N15.},
  author={Nikolai V. Ravin},
  journal={Microbiology spectrum},
  volume={3 1},
The lambdoid phage N15 of Escherichia coli is very unusual among temperate phages in that its prophage is not integrated into the chromosome but is a linear plasmid molecule with covalently closed ends (telomeres). Upon infection, the phage DNA circularizes via cohesive ends, and then a special phage enzyme of the tyrosine recombinase family, protelomerase, cuts at another site and joins the ends, forming hairpin telomeres of the linear plasmid prophage. Replication of the N15 prophage is… CONTINUE READING


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