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Replica wormholes and the black hole interior

  title={Replica wormholes and the black hole interior},
  author={Geoff Penington and Stephen H. Shenker and Douglas Stanford and Zhenbin Yang},
  • Geoff Penington, Stephen H. Shenker, +1 author Zhenbin Yang
  • Published 2019
  • Physics
  • Recent work has shown how to obtain the Page curve of an evaporating black hole from holographic computations of entanglement entropy. We show how these computations can be justified using the replica trick, from geometries with a spacetime wormhole connecting the different replicas. In a simple model, we study the Page transition in detail by summing replica geometries with different topologies. We compute related quantities in less detail in more complicated models, including JT gravity… CONTINUE READING

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