Reperfusion hyperoxia in brain after circulatory arrest in humans.

  title={Reperfusion hyperoxia in brain after circulatory arrest in humans.},
  author={Deborah S. Smith and W. Levy and M. P. F. H. L. van Maris and Britton Chance},
  volume={73 1},
Changes in the electroencephalogram (EEG), mean arterial blood pressure (MABP), and hemoglobin saturation in brain vasculature of lightly anesthetized normothermic humans undergoing induced circulatory arrest for implantation of an automatic internal cardioverting defibrillator were studied. EEG was measured using a four-channel bipolar montage and hemoglobin saturation was measured transcranially using reflectance spectroscopy at 760 nm with an isosbestic reference at 800 nm. Hemoglobin… CONTINUE READING
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