Repercussions in the Lifestyle of Oophorectomized Women

  title={Repercussions in the Lifestyle of Oophorectomized Women},
  author={Franciely Maria Rodrigues de Lucena and Kamila Nethielly Souza Leite and Ester Missias Villaverde Antas and Monalisa Lopes dos Santos Caldas and Kilmara Melo de Oliveira Sousa and Ana Karla Lima and Sheila da Costa Rodrigues Silva and Ana Paula da Silva and Silvia Ximenes Oliveira and Erta Soraya Ribeiro C{\'e}sar and Thoyama Nadja Felix de Alencar Lima and Talita Ara{\'u}jo de Souza and Bruno Bezerra do Nascimento and Joana Darc Lyra Batista and Francisca Elidiv{\^a}nia de Farias Camboim and Jos{\'e} Cleston Alves Camboim and Anne Milane Formiga Bezerra},
Objective: To identify the factors that led to hysterectomy, check the effect on the life of the woman after the procedure and understand the influence of hysterectomy on the quality of women's lives. Method: exploratory research with quantitative and qualitative approach, using the collective subject discourse technique, data collection occurred from January to February 2016, through semi-structured questionnaire. Results: The respondents were aged above 31 years, in 17.19% the cause that led… CONTINUE READING

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