Repeated hyperbaric oxygen induces ischemic tolerance in gerbil hippocampus.

  title={Repeated hyperbaric oxygen induces ischemic tolerance in gerbil hippocampus.},
  author={Kojiro Wada and Moriyuki Ito and Takahito Miyazawa and Hiroshi Katoh and Hiroshi Nawashiro and Katsuji Shima and Hideo Chigasaki},
  journal={Brain research},
  volume={740 1-2},
Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO; 100% oxygen at 2 atmospheres absolute) was administered for 1 h to male Mongolian gerbils either for a single session or every other day for five sessions. Two days after HBO pretreatment, the gerbils were subjected to 5 min of forebrain ischemia by occlusion of both common carotid arteries under anesthesia. Seven days after recirculation, neuronal density per 1-mm length of the CA1 sector in the hippocampus was significantly better preserved in the five-session HBO… CONTINUE READING


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Hyperbaric oxygen pretreatment and preconditioning.

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