Repeated Commit-or-Defer Decisions with a Deadline: The Influenza Vaccine Composition

  title={Repeated Commit-or-Defer Decisions with a Deadline: The Influenza Vaccine Composition},
  author={Laura J. Kornish and Ralph L. Keeney},
  journal={Oper. Res.},
Seasonal products have an effective inventory deadline, a time by which the inventory must be ready to distribute. The deadline creates an incentive to start early with production. However, opportunities to gather information that might change production decisions provide an incentive to defer the start of production. We study the resultant dynamic decision problem with alternatives that commit to one of several courses of action now and an alternative to defer the commitment to gather more… 

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It is essential to improve detection methods and stockpile effective antivirals and novel therapeutic modalities, including short-interfering RNAs and new vaccine strategies that use plasmid-based genetic systems, offer promise should a pandemic occur.

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  • J. Treanor
  • Medicine, Political Science
    The New England journal of medicine
  • 2004
There is an urgent need for more vaccine, and Dr. John Treanor explains the urgent need.